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Our Purpose is to Champion Wellbeing

Delivering nutrition, positive environments and human connection in hospitals and senior living communities across Autralia.


Food Philosophy

We are driven by a shared love of food and the impact it can have on our patients and residents experience every day. It’s a deeply emotive moment that we get to enjoy every day and the quality of that experience can have long lasting effects on a person’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This is why we are so focused on delivering exceptional culinary experiences that are tailored to the healthcare industry. Meeting the unique needs of patients in hospital or residents in senior living communities.

Our food philosophy extends beyond this to include our approach to sourcing and menu development. Locally and sustainable sourced foods are at the core of our ethos. We are passionate about supporting Australian national, state, regional and local suppliers – supporting our communities and producers and removing unnecessary food miles from our supply chain wherever possible. We work tirelessly with suppliers including farms and producers to identify solutions that both meet our client’s needs and support the economies, businesses and communities local to the sites we operate.


Everyone Together

As part of Compass Group Australia, we are proud of the diversity of our business and our people. We want our workplace to reflect the community at large and encourage people of all backgrounds, ages, abilities and sexual orientation to apply for roles with us. We actively promote inclusion and seek to create a workplace where everyone has access to resources, opportunities and rewards.

Medirest’s diversity and inclusion strategy proudly focuses 4 key pillars of: First Nations People, Disability, Gender Equity and Pride.

medirest 360®

What is Medirest 360®

It is the conceptual framework that informs our approach to physical experiences through to nutritional menu development for patients. Medirest360® balances the emotional implications and physical benefits to dining with the functional service delivery including our technological programs through to food autonomy.

Future of Food

AI Nutritional Insights

Protein Rich

Medirest 360:

Food isn’t what gets put on the plate: it’s about the nourishment of mind and body. That needs a rethink, in a customer-centered way.

Food Autonomy

Sensory Engagement

Communal Connection


Medirest 360: a completely integrated approach to food wellness

Food isn’t what gets put on the plate: it’s about the nourishment of mind and body. That needs a rethink, in a customer-centered way.

hospitals and senior living

Core Programs and Differentiators

Food isn’t what gets put on the plate: it’s about the nourishment of mind and body. 

That needs a rethink, in a customer-centered way.


Meal Vision

Meal Vision is an artificial intelligence tool we are currently developing as part of Medirest360R that automatically assesses the quality standards of meals and collects valuable food service data. This includes digitising each plate before and after meals to determine the quantity of each of the foods eaten, information which in turn can be linked to residents’ records to help better monitor their weight, nutrition, and wellbeing.

The data is collected to form a holistic view of an individual’s nutrition and eating behaviour which can lead to early identification of issues before they become something more serious that require clinical care alleviating pressure from your specialist teams.

Nursing Care
Food selection
Fresh Vegetables

Sustainable impact

Social and Environmental Commitments

We are committed to keeping people safe and healthy, whilst creating economic and social value. As part of this, we are clear that our business needs to support not only healthy people, but a healthy planet too. Our rigorous Supply Chain processes, systems and continuous improvement strategies drive compliance to our quality and ethical framework across all our sites, approved suppliers and products. 

Planet Promise is our group wide global commitment to a sustainable future for all. It encompasses our values as an ethical, sustainable and inclusive business; the commitments we make to our people, our clients and our suppliers; and our mission to have a positive impact in the world through sourcing responsibly, enriching lives and collaborating for global change. Read more about our Planet Promise and commitment to reach Climate Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 here.

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