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Our purpose is to champion wellbeing

Delivering nutrition, positive environments and
human connection in hospitals and senior living
communities across Australia.
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Your catering and facilities management partner

Reimagining wellbeing for hospitals and senior living

Medirest draws on the latest technology, scientific research, and the power of a global group to bring in a new model of care. Food isn’t just what gets put on the plate. It’s about the nourishment of mind and body. Support services aren’t just compliance. They’re about building that feel of comfort and being supported. We are here to re-think services in a customer-centred way.

That’s why we developed Medirest360® our completely integrated approach to food wellness. Learn more on our sector pages.

Our Suite of Services

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We are specialists in delivering the nutritional, experiential, and clinical requirements of food services in both hospitals and senior living across Australia. Our experience has led to a deep understanding of the nuances of patient dining and resident dining as unique services. Achieving strong satisfaction while supporting your clinical care services.

Patient Dining

Resident Dining

Dietetic Services

Cafes & Retail

Tenancy Management

Functions & Events

Delivering routine, periodic and infection control cleaning in both hospitals and senior living facilities. Our services are supported by our proprietary scheduling and activity management tools to enhance operational efficiencies. We also look after large scale laundering services as well as linens and personal items.

Cleaning & Laundry

Experienced service providers in a full spectrum of facilities services including;

Waste Management


Grounds Maintenance

Pest control


Building & Asset Management

Materials Distribution

Loading Dock Management

A warm greeting with professionally managed services is our promise in delivering reception and help desk services. Our team members integrate seamlessly with yours to represent you at the highest standards.

Reception & Help Desk

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The Power of Nutrition

We’ve combined deep dietary experience, experiential design, and AI enhanced technology to move to a future where food becomes the fuel for body, mind and soul. Partnering with key doctors and researchers, research shows:


Reduced rate of falls in aged care residents who received food intervention as part of their clinical care.


Median cost saved per resident injury avoided
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Why choose Medirest?

Customers First and First

We have two customers - our partners and their patients and residents. We understand that when our partners trust us they're putting their reputations on the line so we deliver.

An ‘Open Book’ Partnership

Outsourcing earned a bad name for low-balling on quotes, to then charging for extras, or surprising clients with bill shock on reconciliations.

Human Intelligence Meets Artificial Intelligence

We offer care services. That's why we invest not only in the very best people, but the very best training for them... and we keep investing in them over time.

Better Always Everyday

As we champion wellbeing we are looking not just to stave off illness and ageing, but also to ask the questions: What does wellbeing look like for this person?


Medirest 360: a completely integrated approach to food wellness

Food isn’t what gets put on the plate: it’s about the nourishment of mind and body. That needs a rethink, in a customer-centered way.
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